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Classes Update

We are taking a small break from classes. We will keep you updated on our new schedule shortly. Thank you so much for your ongoing interest and support of the Meditative Arts classes we are honored to offer you!

What's New

New May Classes:

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May is shaping up to be a great time to take some classes at The Chalet. Spring has sprung and we are looking forward to getting out and creating outdoors more! We are getting the Calendar for May put together with some wonderful Yoga and Meditation classes, Crystal Sound Healing, Dream Catcher folklore and creation and so many more. We are in the process of creating a newsletter of sorts that will help you know what’s coming up. In the mean time take a look at what we have posted and be sure to register before classes fill up.

What's New

Check out our New April Class Schedule!

We’re excited to share some new additions to our class offerings for the month of April. The schedule is full of wonderful classes:

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Hand Stenciled Planter Boxes: Choose from Bee attractant or Bug Deterrent Boxes.

Basic Blending of Essential Oils

Paper Flower Wreath Making

Glass Mosaic Landscape

Crystal Sound Healing

Guided Meditation

Native American Medicine Wheel

Glass Mosaic Rainbow

Tiny Universe Collage

Beyond Band Aids: Simplified Treatment of Trauma Injuries

Restorative Yoga

Smudging and Crystals

We’re adding more! Please check back.

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We have some new classes we’re excited to share!

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“It’s less about the execution of your project and more about the quality of how you spend your time.”

We are the creators of our lives…We live our them based on kindness and faith, for the most part. There are the parts that challenge our beliefs and our wit…

Ah…But, then there are those that happen organically. Genuinely. Like when you find yourself in the present moment, clear of all other mental noise and at peace in the current action.

Meditation, in its many forms, is like that.

Our instructors will teach you new ways to meditate. To first, set an intention for a specific outcome. Then, without feelings of judgement, committing your focus for an amount of time. We have created a space for you to find purpose and legitimacy in making time for yourself to be present.

Let me introduce you to a series of classes and workshops born and curated by Art an Energy Healing Professionals who believe in the wellbeing and joy that comes from meditation through Art, Music, and Nature.

The main objective is to hold uninterrupted space where you can learn methods of meditation by:

-Focusing on a creative project

-Focusing on sound or movement

-Focusing on learning a new skill

Offering this opportunity to you is our passion and our pleasure.